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Players can qualify for the 2018 World Series of Mahjong Macau Finals by participating in off-line qualifiers to be held in multiple countries as well as via online tournaments.

The WSOM(TM) online and mobiles games will be re-launched in August 2018.

Players may also win seats to the Macau Finals by playing the Japanese Riichi rules version online at our partner’s site: Mahjong Club here

※ Mahjong Club in its efforts to remain the number one site on the internet for the global mahjong community is in the process of redoing its software design. We expect that by the middle of May we will be live and ready to give you the ultimate online mahjong experience.

The online qualifying tournaments being run by Mahjong Club are wholly owned and operated by Mahjong Club and Macro Mahjong Platform Limited. All prizes to be awarded from these games are the sole responsibility of Mahjong Club and Macro Mahjong Platform Limited.



Happy New Years!  We at Mahjong Club wish everyone and their families a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017. Mahjong Club will do everything in its power to add to your joy in 2017 and beyond. As you know we will be ready for soft launch in April. We will ask a few players to test the system and provide feedback and comments.

To celebrate our launch of our new software we will hold the largest tournament in the history of the internet. 100,000 players will compete for a prize pool of 9 million dollars. There will be a 100 dollar buy in and the top winner gets 5,000,000 USD. We are looking at June 1 for this to happen and it depends on the software going live. There will be a sign up sheet at Mahjong Club. where you will be able to put in your email address to receive information as it becomes available.

If there is anything we can do to make your experience better while playing at Mahjong Club we will do it.
Thank you again and we look forward to serving you starting in June of 2017.